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Since 2018, the popularity of the blockchain has continued to be an object of enthusiasm for all walks of life.
Since 2018, the popularity of the blockchain has continued to be an object of enthusiasm for all walks of life. Behind this, the driving force of capital can not be ignored. The Cheetah Global Think Tank Blockchain Research Center has been sizing for the past year ( In particular, China's investment and financing in the blockchain sector is based on an analysis of the layout of the capital market in the blockchain domain, in order to look at the trajectory of the blockchain sector in the past year and the future trends of the industry. The investment and financing events in this report are all made publicly available. If there are deviations and omissions, please correct them.

I. Global Blockchain Investment and Financing
(I) ICO is the new favorite of fund raising in blockchain industry
ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) is the first token issuance, also known as blockchain crowdfunding. It is a new type of financing. Blockchain start-ups sell funds for pre-sale encryption tokens to investors to raise funds for projects by selling equity. . From the perspective of financing methods, ICO is currently the most widely used financing method in addition to traditional risk investment in the blockchain sector.

Although China has completely banned ICO out of protection for speculators, ICO is more globalized driven by blockchain and global Internet. A single geographical restriction can not prevent the global people from chasing ICO. Currently ICO is in Japan. Other regions have been allowed.
The research of the Cheetah Global Think Tanks Blockchain Research Center found that in 2017, the global ICO financing amounted to 35 billion yuan. In 2017, the traditional venture capital investment in the global blockchain industry was about 5 billion yuan. The ICO financing amount is traditional venture capital financing. 7 times the amount.

(II) U.S. Global Leading Investment in Blockchain Investment Financing
From the perspective of investment scale, the investment of blockchain in the United States is leading globally. According to the statistics of US research institution CB Insights, since 2012, Bitcoin and blockchain startups have obtained about 270 investment transactions, and the financing amount has reached A billion US dollars, accounting for 55% of the total global blockchain financing, the highest in the world, ranked 6% in the United Kingdom, 6% in Singapore, 3%, China, Japan and South Korea accounted for 2%.

(III) The number of China's blockchain projects is at the forefront of the world, but there is a large gap between the United States and the United Kingdom.
Judging from the number of global blockchain projects, according to the statistics of Outlier Ventrues, as of February 2018, there were 1286 global blockchain projects, China accounted for 4.6%, ranking third in the world, and ranking ahead of the United States (36.0% ) And the United Kingdom (14.3%) has a big gap.

(IV) Blockchain investment is keen on the financial sector
Judging from the type of blockchain projects, finance is the hottest area for blockchain investment, followed by the information and communications sector, which mainly includes trading platforms, wallets, payments, etc., blockchain underlying technologies and infrastructure, entertainment, transactions, energy, etc. The field followed.