Bitcoin's underlying technology - blockchain, how to change


Bitcoin is a hot topic of the moment and people are more and more excited about how this concept will develop beyond the digital currency and affect people’s lives.
In simple terms, a blockchain is similar to a cloud ledger and can be edited by groups.
The absence of a central company or government to conduct transaction verification can speed up the transaction process.

Once the changes are made, the books will keep a public log of the contents, time, and manner of changes. Therefore, it is very difficult to forge a change or gain access to the log without permission.
These records will also not bind your name, so it allows the blockchain to exchange data in a safer way.
Halsey Minor, founder of CNET (network media) and Salesforce (software service provider), who currently focuses on blockchain and video, said: "This is not about Bitcoin at all."
He said that blockchain as a new technology can be equivalent to the Internet, and anyone who can't see this is actually "not allowed to."
Some areas and companies have begun to use blockchains for purposes other than currency trading.